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Ring-Sonnenfinsternis am 21.6.2020

Abgesehen vom eindrucksvollen ‚Schauspiel‘ – Momente dieser Art sind natürlich für Experimente zu veränderlicher Gravitation/veränderlicher Gewichtskraft u.a. gut geignet.

In meiner Erinnerung ist die Lichtqualität während einer Sonnenfinsternis ’schwer zu beschreiben‘. Es ist zu vermuten, dass die andere Qualität der Radialfeldinteraktionen in solchen Momenten natürlich auch das Licht anders qualifiziert (möglicherweise auch inclusive der Regenbogenzusammensetzung/spektralität).

Eine seltsame Atmosphärik macht sich breit und erinnert nicht nur unser unmittelbares ‚kosmisches Dasein‘ (in der Außenwelt) sondern auch die Gewohnheit, die ’normale Atmosphärik‘ eben für normal zu halten.

Indications for the correctness of the radial field perception

These phenomena listed here are indications for the correctness of the radial field concept and should alone actually suffice in principle to seriously deal with the concept of celestial bodies core radiation and radial field of primordial energy.

If a basic idea - radial radiation of primordial space energy - can explain so many phenomena without contradiction in principle, then it deserves a thorough examination and hearing. - In addition, there are much more indications than those listed here, see Indications. (It should be remembered that even these are not and cannot be complete since the complete manifestation is directly dependent on the radial field or the radial field interaction). So all Phenomena of the phenomena of the world of appearance are 'clues'. –

  1. Mass loss of the Parisian original cilogram over a period of time - the RFH states: in reality it is highly probable that no matter has been 'lost', but the weight generally decreases permanently (very slowly, of course) by the decrease of the strength of the star's own radial field and its gravitation; 50 micrograms of weight loss over a period of 130 years were observed here - this would be a rough orientation for further observation of the process
  2. Decrease of acceleration due to gravity on location over a period of time - for example the measurements at Telegrafenberg in Potsdam; the unclarified measurement differences of about 14 MikroGal over a period of about 70 years may be explained by the natural decrease of the gravitational acceleration at the location in a period of time
  3. Decrease of gravitational acceleration along the latitudes at comparable height - corresponding measured values are available in different forms
  4. Periodic changes of the absolute gravity measurement data in Potsdam (discovered in 1989)
  5. at present permanent decrease of the rotation time of the earth secured and accepted data are available, currently about 0.7 s/year (justifies the necessity of regular leap seconds) - decrease of the strength of the radial field of earth (and sun) causes slowing down of the rotation of the star
  6. Dependence of natural radioactivity on the ground and at altitude on the distance from the centre of the earth and on the geographical latitude - the strength of the radial field influences the natural nuclear decay, the weaker it is, the easier it is for nuclei of elements that are already decaying to decay. In the course of the further development of the earth, the natural radioactivity continues to increase, since the radial field strength naturally decreases. Data on radioactivity distribution are openly accessible.
  7. Light deflection depending on the time of day see Maurice Allais
  8. Propagation of long and short waves in daily rhythm, depending on the seasons and the 'sunny weather'. Radio waves are subject to a multitude of influencing variables in their propagation and reception - but they are certainly dependent on the variable capacity (the word is used here to summarise the properties and capabilities of the radial field interaction, i.e. beyond the physical and general meaning) of the radial field or the resulting 'superposition'. Mostly, the variability of the reflectivity of the ionosphere is brought into play here - it is questionable whether this is the basic influencing variable; furthermore, it would also be a result of the radial field interactions. The correlations are certainly 'complex'. - A comprehensive reinterpretation would require a thorough investigation excluding the 'disturbance variables'.
  9. Olbers' Paradox - Light is only produced in the near-field of the stars, the radial fields shine through the space beyond the visibility for the normal sense of sight; cosmic darkness is only physically-sensually real; this explanation would be available for an expanding universe as well as for a finite and an infinite universe (from which the radial field hypothesis starts) - no measured data necessary, only the other explanation
  10. Decrease of the temperature in the atmosphere depending on the altitude - Heat radiation as a function of the density of the radial field of the celestial body; greater heat generation at ground level due to higher radial field density than at altitude, therefore gradual temperature decrease; a known undoubted fact in the context of the radial field concept