Spaces, dimensions, world models

"Spaces, dimensions, world models", Jochen Kirchhoff

Here is the link to a good overview and a review from 1999 (in german language) and it seems that some chapters of the book have been digitized in a readable way.

Her my review (2018) at Amazon:

The book was the first work from Jochen Kirchhoff's tetralogy, which I got into my hands after a longer abstinence from reading - concerning his statements. It took me a while to get into the way of thinking and the fundamental questions; nevertheless, the book fascinated me from the very first reading. My basic feeling that the natural sciences by no means reflect the 'world structure' in a reasonable way was addressed.
Later on I felt inspired by the reading to take a closer look at the status quo of today's physics and cosmology, admittedly: as a physics layman. In my opinion, Kirchhoff's book can be a valuable help to approach the claims of mainstream science as a 'non-expert' - and to see through them in their scantiness (e.g. big bang hypothesis).
"Spaces, Dimensions, World Model" not only questions the results and premises of physics/modern cosmology but also confidently tackles important issues from a natural philosophical point of view. So it is not only about basic criticism but also about circling around alternative answers to questions like 'What is gravity', 'What is movement of the stars actually', 'What is space' and others.
In any case, it is clear that the subject blindness of the modern natural sciences absolutely must be eliminated in order to anchor a living understanding of world events in one's own consciousness - and that of the physicist.
Actually, I have found my way back to natural philosophy through the book, because Jochen Kirchhoff, as author, also makes it clear how far-reaching real philosophy can be and that we are in dire need of its orientation - both for the understanding of man in the world as a whole and for the guidance of the natural sciences (into reasonable paths).

Some headlines from the book:

42 Basic questions on cosmology (and psycho-cosmology)
Perspectivism - The world as deception ?
Physics as drug and distillation of reality
Subject Blindness - The Fiction of the Humanless World
30 questions on gravity that overtax the dominant physics
Gravity as field effect and consciousness
The riddle of movement - phenomenology and causality
Radial Energy and World Soul
Addendum to the new edition - On the habitability of the stars

A good Conclusio rounds off the work and puts together the main ideas of Jochen Kirchhoff.
Most of the sections can also be read well individually, as separate articles, so to speak, because reading them already challenges the reader.
Natural scientists should also take the work at hand, perhaps to subject their own thinking to a fundamental critique. Jochen Kirchhoff's thinking is certainly radical in the best sense of the word, on a high intellectual level and draws on profound expertise.
He lives up to his claim to give impulses for a 'different natural science'.


Here is the Conclusio mentioned in the review, which one should 'let it melt in one's mouth' - a kind of "natural-philosophical-meta-physical thesis"with great penetrating power, suitable as a basic paper for a real discussion of the basics of physics and its interpretation as well as its integration into a meaningful and therefore living subject-object-structure (in german language):

Jochen Kirchhoff - Spaces, dimensions, world models, end 

Of course, the Conclusio does not replace the intensive reading of this unique work, which not only lets you feel the cosmic breath, but also more than 'notices' the wealth of knowledge of the author Jochen Kirchhoff regarding 'modern theory formation', history of science and metaphysical conditions.