What is a radial field?

The term radial field in this context refers to primordial (original) energy radiating radially from the earth's core (in general: from the celestial nucleus), which can also be called 'absolute energy', since it does not originate from any derivation. The density of this field is unimaginably high and at the same time its effectiveness decreases with increasing distance from the celestial nucleus. The radial field is basically of infinite extension. At first it is completely immaterial in nature and thus eludes direct observation (via sensory perception and its instrumental extension). Only in its (quasi infinitely different) transformations does it enter the circle of possible perception, e.g. as visible light or as magnetic field and as matter.

The radial field can be mobile ether, which is carried along with the star or which carries the star. It penetrates the star's own matter without resistance and maintains it energetically. Matter - originally created from radial field energy at the beginning of the evolution of the star - dissolves in the interior of the earth under unimaginable pressure again into radial field energy and feeds the permanent radial field radiation emanating from there. This radiation is subject to a swelling and a declining dynamic in the evolution of the stars.

For an 'orderly (also meditative) reception' of this information the reading of the "Building material of the world" by H.F. Krause really recommended. The work is very helpful for a basic understanding and is imbued with a spirit that is probably unique in its trenchant clarity. –