The central thesis, first published in "Building Material of the World" (1970):

Matter radiates in the interior of the earth (core zone) under great (unimaginably high) pressure into original space energy. This spreads out as a radial field of primordial energy carrying the entire star matter and, among other things, all phenomena of the electromagnetic spectrum with infinite speed in all directions and interacts with the space-energy fields of the stars and planets opposite the earth.

Opposite to the propagation of the space-energy fields, depending on the strength of the corresponding radial field and the strength of the interactions between the radial fields of the stars, gravity manifests itself as an effect of the dissolution process of matter in the earth's interior.

The radial field energy is not perceptible to the sensory perception and its intensification/amplification (through technical aids) and its expansion (beyond the directly perceptible spectrum) and is therefore only indirectly - through its effects - observable.

(Original quotation H.Krause / German)

(Original quotations Kirchhoff / German)