Here experiments are mentioned, which logically result from the writings of Helmut Friedrich Krause and Jochen Kirchhoff, are mentioned there (in form of already existing data-facts) resp. were and are suggested.

A series of experiments (repeatedly verified and sufficiently repeated) should be aimed at here, which is based on the radial field concept and thus directs the experiments towards expected results or areas of evidence - and is naturally also anchored in a critical approach.

The transparency of the data and the seriousness of the sources and experimental set-ups must of course also meet the highest standards.

Here is a simple list, which should be differentiated in order to clarify the direction of experimentation:

Gravity experiments

  • Gravity or weight measurement on site (day/night difference)
  • Experiments on gravitational acceleration as a function of latitude
  • Experiments to change the acceleration of gravity (full moon, eclipses etc.)
  • Experiments on weight changes on site over a longer period of time (see original kilogram)
  • Experiments on buoyancy differences
  • Experiments in orbit/steep flight (suspension of gravity)

Experiments on light

  • Light intensity measurements over a decade (expected decrease)
  • Experiments on the difference in the speed of light (various dependencies, including dependence on latitude)
  • Experiments on the possible different spreading of the (rainbow) spectrum
  • Experiments on the diversity of colour (depending on latitude)
  • Experiments with stellar phenomena (e.g. eclipses) on the apparent curvature of light at radial fields

Experiments on ether

  • New edition of the ether experiments (see Michelson-Morley) considering a postulated moving ether (carried along with the planetary body)

Experiments on the nature of celestial bodies

  • Unmanned Jupiter expedition to refute the claim that the largest planet in the solar system is a gas planet or has no fixed structure
  • Unmanned solar expedition to refute the assertion that the sun consists of gases and that a thermonuclear process takes place in it