Possible objections

This is where objections that have been expressed, for example in the comments section of the youtube videoblog, are summarised.

We do not need a new theory - everything has been checked, we are on the right track.

Answer: Many knowledge claims are basically interpolations and not experimentally verified.

An example: The central star of our solar system is a gas ball with enormous temperatures on its surface.

This statement is not is experimentally verified (and at the moment not verifiable), but is based on certain assumptions, including the assumption of nuclear fusion processes in the solar star. It contradicts, among other things, reasonable considerations concerning the preservation of form concerning the general structure of spherical bodies.

A second example: The universe is expanding, it is even expanding faster and faster.

This statement is based on the assumption that the Doppler effect can also be found in space and cannot only be applied to the Earth's surface and to the redshift of light from distant stars.

Beyond finding such examples, it may be stated that even criticism of the standard models of physics does not fall silent.