Here are some additional sources that prove that the radial field hypothesis can also be based on the thought results of at least two great philosophers and cosmologists of natural philosophy:

Giordano Bruno a.o. "The Ash Wednesday meal"; Bruno's lively view of the celestial bodies and the cosmos and his clear statements about the 'weight' of the celestial bodies

Friedrich Wilhelm Schelling i.a. "Of the World Soul"; Schelling's basic view of the cosmos as an 'organism

Natürlich alle Äther- und Feld-Theorien und Überlegungen.

Indirectly, the radial field hypothesis is also supported by the well-founded criticism of current physics as an alternative to be considered. The respective authors may not be aware of this. The points that emerge in the respective criticism can usually be answered convincingly by the radial field hypothesis.

An example:

Alexander Unzicker "On the wrong path through the universe." I refer to this title as a reference, because it bundles a lot of criticisms, which have also been mentioned by other authors, and presents them in a pointed way. The author's more recent publications ("Einstein's Lost Key" and "The Mathematical Reality") are in my opinion no contribution to the solution of the fundamental problems of physics.