Radial field properties

For an approach to this complex of questions the reading of the two theory sources is to be recommended, since it concerns 'extraordinary' qualities, which were partly recognized or suspected in principle by the physicists of the 'radiation time' (E. Jünger) and the representatives of ether theoretical approaches, these worked through texts cannot be replaced in their depth and mental width:

Helmut Friedrich Krause, "Building Material of the World"

Jochen Kirchhoff, "Spaces, Dimensions, World Models"

Nevertheless, here we will shortly refer to essential facts to outline the direction of the thoughts. If we can and should speak here of properties of the radial field, then it is useful to clarify the frame of reference:

We are talking about properties that the base of all phenomena to come. This basis is not to be found within the world of phenomena. It can not be perceived by sense organs (and their technical extensions). That?s why previous attempts to postulate and find a ?world-ether? within (even subtle) material shape, are (were) doomed to failure - and that?s why I am not sure, if this will be possible.

The radial field - the immaterial world-ether - must therefore have properties that (can) enable or contain all appearance properties in principle. Helmut Friedrich Krause and Jochen Kirchhoff give the following pointers here:

  • Extreme density and extreme flexibility
  • quasi non-contact (quasi frictionless or unaffected) dielectric strength with respect to all matter(s)the plurality of 'matter', i.e. the diversity of the matter of different stars, because the radial field hypothesis also shows that the matter 'configuration' known to us (among other things in the formation of the elements) is anchored 'regionally' - and does not apply to the - infinite - totality of the universe kann
  • infinite speedwhich coincides with rest in the room, can only be attenuated by interaction with other radial fields
  • Base and energetic source of all spectra of phenomena of material kind (electromagnetic spectrum, radiation, matter)
  • infinite expansion and infinite contraction depending on the respective celestial starting point (range)
  • various terms used in the history of science can be classified here and thus complete the understanding of 'properties', e.g. the terms 'ether' and 'absolute light
  • additional properties, which go beyond conventional notions, are to be assumed and derived, e.g. infinite formability, quasi-infinite carrying capacity of 'waves' and 'information 

Naturally one can question assumption of immaterial world-ether - physicans usually will do.  Nevertheless, they should also be aware that a consistent postulation of such an - immaterial - world-ether already opens up mental space, which is hardly given in a monistic solution, where causes and effects are located in one sphere. –