First of all, it should be noted that the strictest standards are of course applied in the conception, execution and result assurance or presentation of the experiments for radial field hypothesis verification. On these pages we will endeavour to meet this requirement in principle, here of course first of all in the preparation of data which already exist and which are (and can be) reinterpreted in the light of the radial field hypothesis. This is also to be demanded for future experimental series, which are to be welcomed and which have a decidedly radial field hypothesis content.

The guide to experimental physics, which Alexander Unzicker wrote in his very commendable book "Auf dem Holzweg durch's Universum. Why Physics has Lost Its Way" could be a valuable orientation aid.

So we demand from ourselves in the matter of using known measurement data as from the following experimenters:

  • Greatest possible simplicity, clarity and traceability of the experiments
  • Acquisition and backup of as much data as possible, covering time, place and circumstances of the experiment
  • Data transparency: provision of all raw measurement data in a suitable form (including web-based) for the public or reference to accessible sources
  • Regular repetition of the experiments; meaningful counter-experiments
  • A maximum of critical monitoring, if possible by external experts