Open questions

As in any serious theory, there are open questions in the environment of the radial field hypothesis. These are to be addressed step by step, whereby at the present time the emphasis should and must of course be on the discussion of the basic assumption and the indications for its correctness.

Examples of possible question directions:

  • Can one speak of qualitatively different zones of interaction between two radial fields, for example of ?fields near the surface of the face and fields far away from the surface? How could they be characterized?
  • Does the discoloration of the moon during lunar eclipses have something to do with the change in intensity of the radial field interaction ?
  • Is there also a connection at sunrise and sunset (generally, refraction effects are assumed) ?
  • Can the interactions between the radial fields of the planets of our solar system be determined more precisely in their effects on the respective planet?
  • Is there a fundamental difference between the space within a galaxy and the space between the galaxies, which has to be fulfilled by the radial field radiation (especially of the outermost stars of a galaxy) ?