representative of the radial field hypothesis

Helmut Friedrich Krause

Jochen Kirchhoff

Natural Philosophical Cosmology


Well-founded criticism of the current course of physics

The following authors and science journalists are listed here primarily because of their longstanding, well-founded and illuminating contributions to the criticism of the knowledge assertions of physics and cosmology. As a rule, they pursue different alternative proposals or their own concepts from the radial field hypothesis. A complete listing of critics of prevailing theory formation is not (any longer) possible. –

Sabine Hossenfelder

Alexander Unzicker

David the Hilster

Dirk Freyling

Mettenheim, Friebe, Olaf Müller, Ehlers, Chargaff

At present, from the camp of fundamental physicists Sabine Hossenfelder is very active in questioning the current status quo; however, it hardly leaves the space of previous (materialistic) views. Her work is certainly a serious indication of the latent dissatisfaction of many physicists.